Countdown to 2016!

Countdown 2016Exciting events are lined up in Singapore to usher in 2016 and spectacular fireworks are expected across key pockets of the country, particularly by the Bay.

Marina Bay appears to have the best events for the evening given its sparkling, prime location. Other locations are not falling way behind as you will find here.

MediaCorp has an interesting seven-hour lineup that includes a show by American singer Adam Lambert. That does not excite me, though!

Countdown to 2016

We will be near the area as our church, St Andrew’s Cathedral, is located around there. As is our practice, we will attend the watchnight service there. My two daughters told me this morning that we need to leave home by 9.30pm as the service starts at 10.30pm.



I intend to survey some of the colourful areas prior to that.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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