Vijay TV, Worst of the Indian Channels

Horoscope Madness – Fortune Telling is its Pet Topic

Start the New Year by listening to loud proclamations from fortune-tellers of what 2016 holds for you! Any sensible, rational thinker will dismiss it as unintelligent – but not the average Indian who is happy believing that soothsaying is indeed controlled by science.

To keep this art alive you have television channels in India such as Vijay TV that thrive on exploiting fallacies and making people believe in blind prophecies sustained by hope.

Focus on Self: Generally, Indian English TV channels are the silliest I have watched anywhere, with their consistent focus on their own showmen than on the issues they take up.

If you want to get a grasp of the insanity, mediocrity and self-centricity that have seeped into the India media, you just have to tune in to any of the TV channels (Times Now, NDTV, etc.) you have access to.

Among the vernacular channels, I think Vijay TV wins the honours hands down, with Sun TV coming in a close second.


Cerebral Holiday: From sitcoms to talk shows, all programmes they air are certain to give you a cerebral holiday conveying you into a world of idiocy.

So when you are watching Vijay TV be ready to switch off your thinking faculty. Better still, switch the channel!

To give you an inkling of what kind of nonsense you can expect from Vijay TV in 2016, they aired a programme this morning on what fortune-tellers have to say about what the year holds for some of those who appear in their own shows.

Perpetuating Idiocy: Already Indians have the reputation of believing more in what the stars (horoscope) foretell than in their own self. Astrology, numerology and all that crap are what most Indians have faith in.

Vijay TV seeks to perpetuate this, conducting talk shows on fortune-telling periodically. This is a pet topic for them because they know it will attract a large audience.

HoroscopeWith just one look at the faces of the show participants and a view of their horoscope signs, these so-called clairvoyants were authoritatively, even casually, predicting what will strike them during the year.

I could see arrogance writ all over them because of the confidence they have in their primitive craft and in the puerile madness of their audience.

Marriage and Polls: The questions that excited the participants relate to whether they will be able to marry a second or third (or whatever) time this year and who will win the next elections.

What an idiotic way to start the New Year!

One resolution I have for 2016 is to watch as less of Indian TV, particularly Vijay TV, as possible!colorful-horoscope-signs-badge-form-25660030

G Joslin Vethakumar


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