Friendly Overtures and Deception are Ploys Enemies Employ

Strange India Still Fools Itself Despite 1962 Backstabbing by China

Modi, BJP and Akhand Bharat Jokers Messing with India

I will begin this post by bringing up some developments that have followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s drama of visiting Pakistan to attend the wedding of his counterpart’s grand-daughter.

  1. Yet another Pakistan-inspired terror strike on India – The Pathankot air base intrusion / raid
  2. “Kashmir flag will fly as long as the State remains with India.”
  3. Akhand Bharat dream

Before I go any further, I will touch on lessons that India never learnt from history.

Friendly overtures, deception and backstabbing are common ploys that enemy nations use for a telling effect.

China did it in 1962 for a debilitating impact on India, invading the country even as Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and his counterpart Zhou En Lai were discussing peace with such public pronouncements as “Indo-Chini bhai bhai” (Indians and Chinese are brothers).

Days before the attack Zhou had met Nehru, promising that there would be NO war.

I find it strange that the BJP government and Indians alike read too much into the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Pakistan, even proclaiming what a great peacemaker the man behind the 2002 Gujarat riots was!

Pakistan wasted no time to capitalise on the euphoria India was under, launching a terror attack on the Pathankot air base soon after the dawn of the New Year, 2016.

Luckily, the damage was minimal, thanks to the alertness of the Indian Defence forces.

A Goodwill Gesture, Not a Diplomatic Coup

I am ready to acknowledge that Mr Modi’s Lahore visit on Christmas day was a goodwill gesture but making it appear as a major diplomatic coup and a favour for Pakistan is laughable.

The developments highlighted at the top of the blog only amplify that.

Stop India from Disintegrating Before Talking about Akhand Bharat

Where are all the Akhand Bharat jokers within the BJP and its Hindu masters who only recently talked about the illusion of a Greater India?

First, let India try to prevent itself from going the Soviet Union way of disintegration before indulging in such nonsense as bringing liabilities such as Pakistan and Bangladesh back into its fold.

India is unable to handle one Kashmir heartache but wants to have more thorns in its flesh! With intellectually impoverished leaders running the country what more can you expect from them?

Interestingly, the Akhand Bharat concept excludes Sri Lanka. The reason is not far to seek – they want Sri Lanka to continue needling Tamil Nadu which the country already appears to think is not a part of India! 

  • Kashmir and Punjab

Kashmir is fighting for secession and Punjab may go the same way with Khalsa elements showing solidarity with Pakistan.

Kashmiri leaders have repeatedly said that the State flag will continue to fly along with that of the Indian flag always. Former chief minister Omar Abdullah was categorical on New Year’s day that the Kashmir flag would fly as long as the State remained with India. 

  • Hindi, Another Divisive Factor

Leaders from all parties, from the BJP to the AAP, continue to talk only in Hindi everywhere. This includes those who are proficient in English. This is a clear indication that they want to be seen as representing only the North of India. Or they do not care about the rest of India!

Indian English television channels such as NDTV and Times Now also often break into Hindi discourses, completely ignoring the fact that the majority of Indians do not speak or understand Hindi.

Even Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, an IIT graduate, gave an interview to NDTV recently speaking entirely in Hindi. 

Mr Modi does that even while addressing Indians overseas. He did that in Singapore, too, where Tamil is a national language. He simply does not care whether those in the audience can fathom the nonsense he is mouthing! Or is that the reason why?

To all Indian leaders only the Hindi belt is seen as representing the country. Over time, this kind of new leaders will end up taking the country backward and the world will stop paying attention to India. The young in all non-English-speaking countries such as China and those in Europe are picking up English fast. But in India even in Delhi it is impossible for a visitor to get around without a Hindi guide.

Anyway, that is India’s mess and I don’t want to go into it any deeper.

BJP = Congress + the Cow

Despite all the enthusiasm of Mr Modi’s devotees, including the NRIs who see in the Prime Minister hope of making India a theocratic Hindu Rashtra, the BJP is behaving worse than the Congress both in terms of governance, standing behind the corrupt within its own ranks, and in terms of taking the country forward in terms of economic prosperity.

Former BJP leader Arun Shourie’s statement that the BJP is Congress + the cow is being proved on a daily basis by developments that impact India.

Pakistan and China, India’s Biggest Problems

When Mr Narendra Modi and his BJP took power about 20 months ago, the biggest problems India faced were from Pakistan and China.

Given that Mr Modi has always been eloquently articulating his nationalist fervour I thought he would take bold steps – like severing diplomatic ties with these two enemy nations and following it up with stern actions that isolate them internationally.

But all he has been doing is sucking up to the two countries who are happily backstabbing India. When he is not busy fulfilling his own personal agenda (such as traversing the world and taking selfies with leaders of both countries and businesses), he occupies himself attacking the opposition parties.

What else can you expect from someone who is hardly a statesman and has blood in his hands?

G Joslin Vethakumar


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