First Work-Day of 2016: Jobs for Every Singaporean is a Matter of Right

A Stringent Review of Foreign “Talent” in Country Essential

As it is already Day 4 of 2016, the New Year is no longer new. This is the first work-day of the year, though!

It is, therefore, appropriate for me to bring up what I had emphasised in my Wishlist for Singapore on January 1.

Jobs are a matter of right for Singaporeans, not something designed to favour them or meet whatever quota the Government may have put in place.

For the sake of emphasis and for making truths prevail, there is no harm in me sounding repetitive.

Young and Old – Jobs are Scarce for Singaporeans

Unemployment persists in Singapore and even young university graduates are going without jobs.

Experienced and qualified citizens above 40 find it extremely hard to land jobs when they need one.

That nails the lie of businesses screaming that they have challenges hiring people locally. They will have an axe to grind – like bringing in people of their own clan from overseas and at lower costs.

If both the young and the old are hit that is a pointer that the Government has failed its citizens, filling the country with around 50% foreigners.

In many under-developed countries such as India, university degrees are there for the asking. But reports have established that 90% of even engineering graduates in India are unemployable.

They do not have to worry, though, as there are countries like Singapore which bring aboard not just them but even those who hold mere diplomas at the expense of local university graduates. Foreign mediocrity in the name of talent is simply NOT acceptable.

Skills Gap?

If there is a skills gap in Singapore, as I have heard from some of the foreigners here, then whose fault is that? Of course, the government’s! If the bulk of Singaporeans are kept out of the universities here how can we bridge any perceived gap?

Moreover, businesses must have an inclination to train local people if there is any skills gap. Most jobs do not involve any rocket science. Skills can be picked up easily. Even the so-called foreign talent they hire come with zero skills. Most pick them up only on the job.

  • Foreign talent is welcome if that is designed to fill in some gaps here, not at the cost of Singaporeans with the same skillset. Import of talent has to be need-based, not because of any “more-the-merrier” policy.

Singaporeans, both fresh graduates and experienced professionals, are getting the short shrift because of what appears to be a lax immigration policy despite efforts to apply some controls.

If businesses want to pack up and go because of any imaginary labour crunch they will be the losers. They are here to make money, not serve the country! Going easy on immigration will also help tackle discrimination of all hues at the workplace.

Singaporeans must resist the urge to believe all lies that are dished out with regard to a shortage of human resources.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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