A Talking, Translating Necklace

Here is a necklace that is more than a piece of ornamentation. And it is not targeted at just women! It is designed for those with some language inadequacies.

It is a real-time translation necklace that you can use when visiting countries (such as Japan and China) where getting around with English can be a huge hassle.

Translating and talking, the necklace can also help the Chinese and the Japanese when they visit countries where English is widely spoken. It works without any 3G or WiFi connectivity.

Wearable Translator

A Pendant: Called ili, the translation necklace (well, it is actually a pendant) thus lends another interesting dimension to wearable devices that are enchanting consumers everywhere.

You should have to speak into it, articulating what you intend to communicate. It translates what you say into English, Japanese and Chinese – the languages supported currently.

Watching people in action using the wearable translator can be a lot of fun!

You can test it out at http://www.iamili.com/

A few other languages are on the roadmap of the product that made its debut at the CES in Las Vegas this week.

India and Hindi: I assume the manufacturers will have plans for a Hindi necklace. Any visitor to India also has to contend with the language issue. Not many in the country, including in the capital city of Delhi, speak in or understand English.

This is compounded by the fact that the country’s current leadership comprises people who are hardcore Hindi fanatics. Even those who are proficient in English use only Hindi for communication.

Isn’t that a surefire way to take India backward?

G Joslin Vethakumar


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