An Instance of Technology Scaling Silly Heights!

A Drone that can carry a Human!

A human-carrying drone that can be airborne for 23 minutes, covering 10 miles, sounds like a crazy contraption for me.

It may, though, potentially be a viable alternative to a car in tiny Singapore, giving people the ability to fly to work on a drone they can pilot!

That is, if they are ready to fork out between US$200,000 and US$300,000, the expected cost of the drone from China, Ehang 184! And if the aviation authorities are ready to give it the go-ahead and make the Singapore skies as packed as the roads are!

Collisions and Crashes: The hefty price tag should keep purchases and usage low for now. But over time it can become affordable for even common folk, with more safety features that could make them less risky to fly.

We may then see drones with men and women flying all over us, giving security forces a hard time with collisions and crashes that are to be anticipated. These are battery-operated, so risks can be high.

But then can Ehang 184 be still called a drone? After, all drones are supposed to be Unmanned Aerial Vehicles! This one is a manned machine that can carry one person on board. That makes it a Manned Aerial Vehicle!

Ehang 184 was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas yesterday as the world’s first drone that can carry a human.

British Invention?: I, however, see reports online that point to a British inventor having designed in September 2015 a super drone that can carry a human.

Who and which came first is beyond the purview of this post. I simply think this is an instance of ambitious firms taking technology to silly heights.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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