Is PDPA Followed in Letter and Spirit in Singapore?

How stringent Singapore is in enforcing the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) has always been a matter of concern for me.

In a post more than two years ago, I had raised the question of whether the focus was more on protection of corporate data than that of individuals.

Over the weekend someone purportedly from the Ministry of Labour gave me a call for a survey. She had visited my home earlier that day but as I was not at home then she chose to speak to me over the phone.

She had all my personal and professional details at her fingertips. I chose to respond to her questions since I had received a couple of snail mails from the Ministry earlier. I ignored them.

My questions are: “How is it someone I did not know have all my confidential information with her? Did she get all the detail from some public sector database?”

If it was a genuine survey, I will have liked to take it myself through the Ministry portal.

It does appear to me people are able to get easy access to personal details of anyone in Singapore. If so, is PDPA a farce in Singapore in terms of enforcement?

G Joslin Vethakumar


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