Jallikkattu Saga Shows Why BJP is Congress + the Cow

India Deserves no Democracy, Only Benevolent Despotism

The Jallikkattu issue is another pointer to Mr Arun Shourie’s interesting remark that the BJP is Congress + the Cow.

I am glad the Supreme Court has ordered an interim stay on the Indian Government’s order last week lifting the ban on the cruel sport. All parties in Tamil Nadu are playing to the gallery as elections are due in the State later this year.

But I have no faith in the Indian judiciary. They are prone to flip-flopping and can change its mind depending on which way the ruling government swings.

Worse, the Narendra Modi Government can bow to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s demand for passing an ordinance allowing Jallikattu.

Illiterate India: India and Indians do not deserve democracy. A benevolent dictatorship will be ideal for a country like India where illiteracy is rampant.

Jallikkattu is neither a part of Tamil heritage nor a sport that demonstrates the valour of Tamilians.

In effect, it shows what a bunch of cowards Tamilians are as hundreds of men are pitted against a single bull. One man enters the arena and when he finds the going tough hundreds of others jump in to attack the hapless bull.

I have written enough about it through past posts. So I will stop here.




G Joslin Vethakumar



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2 responses to “Jallikkattu Saga Shows Why BJP is Congress + the Cow

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