Jetlag, team bonding and great food at Genesys SKO 2016!

Day 1 (Saturday) without jetlag in San Francisco was an aberration. It returned with a vengeance on Day 2 (Sunday), leaving me with a sleepless night.


And Monday was a hectic opening day at the Genesys SKO 2016, leaving us with the need to move from one room to another, session after session – something we will face over the next three days as well.



We wound up Monday (Tuesday in Singapore) with dinner at E&O Kitchen and Bar, a nice Asian restaurant close to the Union Square. It was great bonding time with the Global Sales Operations team and the food was unique, with Indonesian fried corn, satay and a thin, tiny version of the Naan as starters.

Funnily, the menu had the Indian bread named as Wood-Fired Naan! An interesting typo, perhaps intentional!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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