Little India riots in 2013 and Arrest of Bangladeshi Terrorists in 2015-2016

Is Singapore ignoring threat in clamour for Overdeveloping and Overpopulating Country?

During my recent visit to San Francisco for Genesys SKO 2016, I met a foreigner on one of the flights who asked me about the Little India riots in December 2013.

A fatal accident involving an Indian national then had sparked the riots, the first in the country in 40 years. Such mob actions are common in India and the Indian labourers, numbering around 300, took law into their hands.

When Visiting Little India is an Adventure!: Singapore has forgotten the riots as any visit to Serangoon Road on a Sunday evening will demonstrate. You will find every inch of space there occupied by construction workers from Bangladesh and India, the former predominant.

Singaporeans avoid the place on Sundays but if by necessity or by mistake they end up there, they will regret their adventure.

Last week, during my absence in Singapore I read about the arrests and deportation of 27 Bangladeshi terrorists who were planning their jihadi mission in this tiny haven.

They appear to have been arrested a couple of months ago but the news has just surfaced.

About 10 years ago, I had blogged about Jihadis in Singapore after listening to someone say on TV that this is “the start of the end of Zionist machinations”.

Supporting Terror: The deported Bangladeshi workers have their supporters in Singapore who argue that their rights may have been compromised – as you will find here.

When it comes to the country’s security, it is best not to interfere in the government’s actions. Currently just one faith takes all the flak for mindless terrorist activity. But you can expect other faiths to enter the fray soon.

There are signs of this happening in India where majoritarianism is raring its head under the leadership of the BJP. The RSS, which dictates the direction of the BJP, has already proclaimed it has a presence in 39 countries.

Decline of Christianity: Amid it all, the following are some interesting facts changing the world’s religious landscape.

  • The number of Christians following a no-religion path is growing
  • Churches are being sold and they are being replaced by places of worship of other faiths.
  • In Singapore, one former church has been a thriving bar for the last few decades.
  • The West is welcoming foreigners into their shores by the millions, not learning any lesson from their past follies which resulted in terrorism sprouting in the U.S., England and Europe.

But I will be a little selfish in saying that Singapore has to do a lot more to keep terrorism at bay, from whichever faith it can come from! Clamour for over-developing and over-populating the country can have dangerous implications.

The Singapore police have been quick in dealing with the threat from jihadis from Bangladesh. But who knows how many more are lurking among us undetected!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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