Naans as Chips – Indian Flavours, American Taste

Think of Naans and what you will generally visualise are hardly flat, fluffy breads that have their origins in the North of India but have inspired menu innovations in the West – from England to the U.S.

There is even a popular Indian restaurant named Naansense in Chicago.

IMG_3680But the idea of naans as chips will perhaps make you say “what nonsense”!

That is not a far-fetched one as that is what I found at a department store in San Francisco during my recent visit there – the photo above is offered as evidence.

Other available Indian-spiced food variations include the Masala Pop – image below.




I picked up a packet of Naan Chips and thought they tasted good in line with what the catchline says: Indian Flavours, American Taste!

But the price tag of US$3.99 each is high for the chips and popcorn – higher than other similar products (Veggie Chips, Kale Chips, Kettle Olive Chips, etc.).

G Joslin Vethakumar



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