Olympics, Health Threats and Transparency

Brazil Triumphs where China Failed

China Covered up Milk Scandal while Brazil is Forthright on Zika

In 2008, when China hosted the Olympics, the country was hit by the tainted milk scandal. But, being run by the Communists, the government was successful in keeping the information away from the media and the people.

They were simply not prepared for any negative flow of information to affect the Games or cause unrest in the country. So they covered it up.

In contrast, with the deadly Zika virus spreading in Latin America with the 2016 Olympics just months away, what we see in Brazil is unadulterated honesty.

Brazil’s government yesterday advised pregnant women to avoid the Olympics.

It did not happen just yesterday, all of Latin America have been issuing such alerts for the last few weeks.

Perhaps it can be argued that the milk scandal is not the same as the Zika disaster. But even during the Sars crisis, China was not transparent and suppressed the information initially. It came out in the open only after it had spread to Hong Kong and other countries in the region.

Selfishness thy name is China.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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