Genesys Lo-Hei Lunch with Partners

I did not attend the Genesys Chinese New Year (CNY) lunch on February 3. I did nurture apprehensions of me being dubbed anti-social, but it was a staff event, most of whom I meet almost every day.

I made up for it today by attending the Genesys Lo-Hei lunch with our Singapore business partners at Grand Mandarina, a fine-dining restaurant.

IMG_4289, Veg. meal at CNY lunchI opted for vegetarian food – mushroom soup, variety after variety of mushroom-based dishes, fried tofu, noodles, cauliflower fries, desserts (fruit purée/juicy fruit salad, sticky peanut cake), etc. 

This being the first Friday after Ash Wednesday (Feb. 10), I wanted to avoid meat. Also, I am not accustomed to going beyond my comfort zone.

IMG_4291Prosperity Toss: But I did get to toss the Yusheng mix that is a CNY tradition – done to trigger a prosperity wish.

IMG_4287The non-vegetarian food included what will have been a succulent, rich range for those who love it – abalone with mushrooms, cod with lemongrass, crab meat, roasted pork, cabbage-wrapped chicken with ginseng and countless more dishes.

It was a good experience – I got to meet a few of my former colleagues with the companies they represent being Genesys partners.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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