Super Singer 5: Tough Finals on Cards

Siyad, to me, is the Best of the Three for Now!

I have only been following the Super Singer programmes on Vijay TV (Star Vijay) at random and not with any regularity.

I used to not miss it once upon a time with the depth of talent on show leaving me astounded. When they started to spread their wings by bringing in singers from overseas, the quality started to take a dip. 

Worse, the foreign voices were finding favour consistently –  obviously because Vijay TV had commercial international interests.

Articulate Judges: The channel has been able to rope in great judges, articulate and precise. But slowly I began getting the sense that they were subtly displaying their prejudices and were acting according to a Vijay TV script.

But this time, I feel the top three singers who have made it to the final are a deserving bunch – Siyad, Raja Ganapathy and Fareeda.

Among the three my vote will go for Siyad. He has the silky voice of K J Yesudas and has the ability to mesmerise audiences with mellifluous singing.

Sympathy Votes: Importantly, he sounds sincere without seeking to garner the sympathy of those watching. A lot of the contestants try to move audiences with their sob stories.

There are millions of others living in misery without having a platform to present their tales of woe. A positive pitch to motivate them will be more meaningful than attempts to seek personal glory through means that are hardly genuine.

This week the race is on to select who else will join the top three in the finals. May the deserving make the cut!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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