Should Lies Made in Parliament be Condoned?

Opposition Failed to Capitalise on Smriti Irani’s Untruths

Sycophancy is moving full steam ahead in India with Modi devotees having found another person they can heroine-worship!

Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani did deliver a fine speech in Parliament this week. But oratory is one thing, lies quite another! If the gift of the gab is used to portray truths then that will be the hallmark of a truly great leader.

239714-smritiiraniIn this instance, though, it has emerged that Mrs Irani, a former TV actress, took Parliament for a ride with a litany of lies.

Her claim that no doctor was allowed near the body of research scholar Rohith Vemula on the day he had died either to revive him or remove him to hospital was almost immediately rebutted by the doctor who examined the body.

By denying medical access to Rohith until 6am the next day, people were playing politics with a “dead child”, Mrs Irani had thundered in Parliament.

I did get to listen to portions of her speech that made me think it was powerful, aggressive and convincing. Only the previous day Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked the BJP leaders to be aggressive in Parliament. Mrs Irani honoured Mr Modi’s directive to the hilt.

Though she had been in the dock for proffering untruths about her education, I did not think she would lie in Parliament.

Beyond Revival: But, according to Dr Rajasree Malpath, chief medical officer at the University of Hyderabad’s health centre, “I reached the room where Vemula was found within five minutes of receiving an alert (around 7.30pm on January 17). His body was beyond revival. The body was cold, stiff and rigid, with signs of rigour mortis having set in.”

Merely putting the blame on Telangana police will not absolve Ms Irani of the lie.

Issues that Must Have Been Exploited: But the Opposition parties, with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi nowhere in sight, completely failed to capitalise on the lies. The following are some of the issues that could have left the BJP MPs red-faced in Parliament:

  • The issue of the fake video that was used to dub the JNU students as anti-nationals
  • Instances of image theft / photoshopping
  • The actions of lawyer thugs within the court and the attacks on Kanhaiya Kumar while in police custody
  • Bail for those lawyers while Kanhaiya Kumar is still in jail for a speech he did not make

I am not an advocate of absolute freedom and I firmly believe any action by anyone that goes against the interests of a nation cannot be condoned.

However, any action that smacks of political opportunism, particularly the lies, will need to be contested tooth and nail.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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