Mallya Scoots and BJP tries to Deflect Guilt

I find the BJP’s behaviour on the Vijay Mallya fiasco funny, even a cunning way to deflect attention from its guilt!

We are told Mallya had fled to London, a haven for rich criminals, on March 2 with 11 checked-in baggages and BJP spokesmen are hurling abuse at him as well as against the banks. They are pretending as if they had nothing to do with his great escape even as they knew Mallya was a wilful offender with no inclination to repay the 7000-crore debt.

The world knows about the BJP’s sweet proximity to Lalit Modi, the other economic fugitive enjoying the patronage of his prime ministerial namesake and that of the U.K.

No doubt the evil Congress and the corrupt banks allowed Mallya to flourish and frolic. But the BJP let him flee the country right under its nose. To me, it is an action that goes to show Mr Modi’s party is no better than the Congress!

Mallya has more wealth than what he owes banks, we hear. By letting him safe passage to alien territory, the BJP has ensured he will not have to part with any of that.

And this while farmers and the poor are tortured and driven to suicide for petty debts!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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