Terror Knows no Boundaries, is World Doomed?

No Thanks to Generosity of West!

Last week when a friend of mine had a Facebook update with some photographs of him in Brussels – while on a business visit.

I responded with a comment pointing out that Brussels is now the epicentre of terrorism in Europe though he can find it reassuring to note that security will not be lax. Particularly with the arrest of the terrorist involved in the Paris attacks!

How wrong I was! Terrorists are an impatient lot while Europe is mindlessly taking in refugees by the millions!

It looks like Europe is doomed forever, no thanks to its generosity! Why only Europe, possibly the world as terror knows no borders with insane elements running amuck supported by an even more insane liberal bunch of people.

My friend is still in Brussels and I hope and pray he has a safe return to New Zealand. Incidentally, the MBA I hold is from the UBI in Brussels.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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