Can Trump be Still Stopped?

Why Should the World Try to Interfere in Democratic Traditions of U.S.

The Straits Times seldom fails to amuse and amaze me. It is a newspaper that is quick to get critical about democratic developments globally while paying little attention to investigative reporting in Singapore.

Today’s edition of the daily had a report on whether Donald Trump can still be stopped?

In fact, even sections of Americans are trying to hit Mr Trump, a Republican Presidential candidate holding a comfortable edge, below the belt. China and many other countries in Asia are also worried about the businessman’s rise in politics.

Why should The Straits Times and the world be worried about this? The U.S. is a democratic country, so its people must be allowed to have their say. They are not a stupid bunch to be swayed by an agenda-driven world!

Whether Mr Trump’s popularity is good or bad for the world is worthy of analysis as long as objectivity is not compromised.

G Joslin Vethakumar



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