Went Shopping for Easter Goodies, Found Unique Cakes at Takashimaya

Happy Easter

I went to Takashimaya on Easter-eve to buy some goodies that are a part of the festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I picked some Easter eggs and bunnies from Cold Storage and Hot Cross Buns from Cedele.

Cakes Takashimaya

It is always a challenge to find these across the island during Easter – not even at the confectioners that are open every 100 metres.

But I ran into a new shop at Takashimaya that was selling some unique cakes, including one with pomegranate topping.

Even the carrot cake available there looked different and inviting.

I didn’t buy any there as I was keen on buying just those relevant for Easter.

I will reserve that for another day. I won’t wait for another occasion, any day is good enough for them.

Cakes Takashimaya 2

It is just a question of having an appetite for them.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter

G Joslin Vethakumar


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