“Fraud” TV Justifies Hiding Truth Behind Super Singer Title Winner!

So, No Lessons Learnt!

Here are the two facets of Vijay TV’s fraud:

  1. First, Vijay TV showed dishonesty by hiding the playback singing past of the title winner
  2. Today, after getting pilloried in the social media for the deceit, Vijay TV had a special programme to justify its decision to keep him on the show. 

·        Perhaps the con-game is a best practice in Vijay TV’s lexicon.

I have seldom hidden my dislike for Vijay TV and Sun TV, with both pushing their own agenda and fooling viewers. They are perhaps living by the signs of the times. Even the print media have their own axe to grind.

In fact, on the first day of 2016, I had a post calling Vijay TV the worst of Indian channels. In 2011 also, I blogged about how the judges insulted the then Super Singer 3 title winner and the public who voted from him in a manner that questioned the latter’s choice!

Falsehood: Recently after the Super Singer 5 title winner, Anand Arvindakshan, received his grand coronation, it was exposed in the social media that he was no newbie. It appears that he had already sung some songs in films, which ought to have disqualified him from the contest on day 1.

Vijay TV hid the truth till the very end. That is the issue I have with the channel. He may have been a nondescript playback singer, so to cement his position he could have jumped into the Super Singer fray.

I found Anand a very good singer though I thought Siyad was better for his simplicity and honesty, making no attempt to capitalise on his humble background.

Clever, possibly, Cunning Ploy: His participation does not bug me. But keeping it under wraps till the very end is not something that can be condoned. Eliminating him during the top 5 stage and then bringing him back through the wildcard is a clever, possibly cunning, Vijay TV ploy.

To cap it all, Vijay TV does not appear to have learnt any lesson as it had a special show today to defend their chicanery. Their argument: he did not make any headway in films and that singers of a lesser calibre were making it big in cinema. So this was a second chance for him.

Fair enough, but why hide it from the world!

Don’t tell me even the judges and the special guests the channel brought on stage did not know it.

All of them appear to have conspired with Vijay TV to fool audiences worldwide. Shame on the channel and the judges!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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