Super Singer 5 Cheating is a Non-Issue, says Vijay TV

Tamil Channel Now Ridiculing Online Critics / Viewers

The Tamil public who have been critical of Vijay TV’s Super Singer 5 deceit are now being openly ridiculed by the channel.

“It is a non-issue”, singer and Super Singer 5 judge Srinivasan thundered today on TV. He was referring to the fact that the Super Singer 5 title winner had sung songs for a few films even before he entered the contest.

Concealment of Truth is the Real Issue, Not Contestants Having Already Been Playback Singers

The issue is not whether the channel was right in letting playback singers participate in the show. What has bugged followers of the show is the truth that it made no attempt to enlighten viewers that most of the contestants were playback singers.

If this fact was relayed during the show it will NOT have received the kind of following it had. So it was a commercial decision to keep viewers in the dark! To that extent it is fraudulent.

Ignore Losers: Srinivasan went on to say that people would always be finding fault with winners, urging Anand Aravindakshan to ignore the losers

Vijay TV then brought on the show a few of the past and present contestants to say that they had also been playback singers earlier.

In effect, Vijay TV was seeking to drive home the message that cheating was in its blood and a non-issue.

Defending Deceit: At least the channel has been honest enough to admit and defend its deceit.

So Vijay TV was effectively asking the public to go for a toss if they felt that the Super Singer show had all along been making them believe the contestants were raw with no film singing background.

It has clearly emerged that Vijay TV is an untrustworthy channel. It’s time for viewers to shut the channel off.

My earlier post on the issue:

G Joslin Vethakumar


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