Taml Nadu, a State with Many Forgettable Firsts

Dravidian Curse or Case of Blind Faith in Corrupt Leaders?

Tamil Nadu is an Indian State that has many forgettable firsts.

  1. It was the first to give power to people from cinema.
  2. First to introduce large-scale political corruption with illiterate riffraffs just focused on amassing wealth through dubious means.
  3. Match fixing in cricket is largely due to the greed of functionaries from Tamil Nadu – strangely comprising the filthy rich with unadulterated faith in the country’s justice system that rewards criminals with connections.

But then Sreesanth, the ace match-fixer banned for life, has managed to get a BJP ticket to contest the Assembly elections in Kerala.

So if you thought Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a leader who valued probity in public life you must either be a hardcore fanatic or living in a fantasy island.


That aside, to me, the Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu have ensured unlimited wealth for their leaders while taking the State downhill.

They succeeded in feeding venom to the uneducated backward class people about a community that could have made a difference to the State. Chief Minister Jayalalitha represents a Dravidian party but is hardly one in its true spirit.

As Tamil Nadu goes to the polls soon, it does not look like there is any redemption for the State in the near future.

All signs point to Jayalalitha being returned to power. Considering the options the people have it does look to me she is their best bet despite her arrogance and Hitlerian style of governance. Expecting all parties that sought to align with the AIADMK to contest on the “two leaves” symbol showcases the essence of her style.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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