$120m to Build IT Talent Pool Showcases Singapore’s Failures in Education

Paving the way for its next round of FT Influx?

A government that was believed to be visionary appears to have completely lost the plot. I am talking about Singapore’s plan to invest S$120 million in encouraging IT learning in the country.

It appears to be hollow on many counts.

  1. The future is going to see Artificial Intelligence play a key role in trimming the workforce globally. An increasing number of robots will be performing common tasks without the need for human manpower.
  2. Where real men and women are still needed, they do not have to be on the ground in Singapore. The concept of business process outsourcing is still alive and kicking.
  3. Those that do not tap that resource, perennially cribbing about the talent crunch, are in the world of technology only by accident and deserve to go extinct.

Govt has Failed its Citizens: Now let me get to the crux. Shouldn’t the government be held accountable for its failure to groom and build its local talent pool when it was fully aware of the immense potential of information technology?

Waking up to the reality now is a little too late but I hope it is not a ploy to bring in the next round of foreign talent.

Why did the government keep most Singaporeans out of its prestigious universities, filling them with foreigners for IT/STEM courses? It was happy importing people to fill roles here doing little to encourage locals to pursue hot STEM courses at the universities.

Of what use is Singapore becoming a smart nation if its citizens do not enjoy the fruits of the government’s vision?

Providing Singaporeans with a $500 SkillsFuture credit is just hogwash – too little too late! Importantly, PRs are not locals! Being too clever in not making the distinction clear is not helpful!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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