Nice Tamil New Year’s Day Lunch at Komala’s

I had a good Tamil New Year’s Day lunch at the Komala’s here today.

I had actually planned to go to Annalakshmi, my favourite restaurant in Singapore for south Indian food.

But I got delayed at work and then settled for the nearest restaurant. Ended up getting more than what I had expected.

Rice with Vendakkai More Kuzhambu (ladies finger butter milk gravy/curry), Drumstick Sambar, Avial (mixed vegetables prepared with yoghurt), potato fry, ginger pickle, salad plus the usual crackers.

Sweet (Sakkarai) Pongal was a bit of a disappointment as it was white in colour (Have never had white sweet Pongal before). They possibly used sugar instead of jaggery. It was a little too sweet.

It was a lovely lunch, anyway. Happy Tamil New Year’s Day all!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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