Cab driver dealt with on Singaporean’s Complaint to Modi

Selective Actions the Norm in India – I had a Worse Experience with No Action

This morning’s edition of The Straits Times had a report on how an online complaint against a cab driver from a Singaporean to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been acted upon. He had complained about having paid Rs 500 (about S$11) for a three-minute ride to the airport from his hotel in Mumbai.

Well done, Mr Modi!

I had a worse experience with a cab driver in Chennai in 2014. He disappeared for a few hours after dropping me at a mall and when he finally surfaced he behaved like a thug. I complained about it to the taxi company (Fast Track) and blogged about it. But there was not even the courtesy of a response, leave alone action.

Most criminals have political clout in India and actions are, therefore, selective.

Rapes involving taxi drivers have been common in India, hardly prompting quick action. Not a single rapist has been firmly dealt with so far. None hanged at all, not even the Nirbhaya rapists!

The Mumbai taxi driver, Jamil Ahmed, was suspended for six months. Perhaps the name explains the action!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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