Australia on Sale – 1% of its Land to Chinese-Led Consortium

How About Considering a 100% Sale to ISIS!

It appears Australia is mulling selling 1% of its land to a Chinese-led consortium, according to this report.

This follows a visit to China by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and business leaders to push trade between the two countries.

The deal is said to be worth A$371 million (US$289 million). Looks like Australian land is dirt cheap these days! Or is it dirty politics, questionable trades?


Singapore also has Farmland Ownerships Down Under: Interestingly, China is already the fourth largest investor in Australia’s farm lands. You may be surprised to note that Singapore is the third largest with the top two ranks going to the U.S. and Canada.

With the new buyout, China will get a notch higher than Singapore. China’s ownership of Australian land may then inch up to around two per cent. Gradually 100% of Australia may fall into alien hands. ISIS, interested?

Australia, Get Ready for Terror from China: Since China is already a close buddy of Pakistan, one of the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism, that is not far-fetched. There is a sizeable Muslim population in China, including the Uighur community. Understandably, there is tension in some pockets of the country.

With greater control over Australia’s land, China can transfer the bulk of its Muslim community Down Under. So China is one more source for Australia to import terror.

G Joslin Vethakumar




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