Don’t Buy Indian Mangoes — Until End of May

India Killing the Brand

Succulent mangoes have remained the pride of India for long. But Indian businessman trying to capitalise on it globally through undesirable practices have wrecked it completely.

During the 2014 mango season, the European Union had banned Indian mangoes because they were found infested with bugs/flies. That was a quality issue leading to regulatory action.

Corrective measures were then initiated, enforcing testing and certification of all consignments.

IMG_4679In my post then, I had argued for some controls that will make Indian mangoes available only from May.

Business decisions do not happen easily and India loves to live in euphoria, revelling in short-term glory.

Indian mangoes have been available in the Singapore market since early March. Initially, the price ranged from S$8 to $14 a kilo. At that time of the year, they are insipid, sour and not worth a penny.

Best Time to Buy Them: The best time to buy Indian mangoes is during the end of May-July. March and April are when the world gets the lousiest of mangoes from India, and at high prices.

Bringing them to the international market two months before the real season starts is business fraud.

The prices have now fallen to a range of $5.90 to $9.90. I picked up some today. Still worthless.

IMG_4680You will be better off buying Thai or Malaysian mangoes selling at $2.

Myanmar mangoes and those from Pakistan are just as tasty. They are not available in Singapore yet. They are possibly aware of the need for brand protection. Making them available when they are at their luscious best is business sense.

India, in contrast, is killing the brand it had sustained over the years.

I saw a number of non-Indians buy the mangoes today at Mustafa’s. That is certain to leave them with a bitter taste and, worse, draw them away from Indian mangoes in future.


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