Kasich must have been the One to Go

Ted Cruz’ Exit Makes Republican Cruise Clear for Trump

The path is clear for maverick businessman Donald Trump to become the Republican nominee for the U.S. Presidential election, barring any political manoeuvring or hanky-panky.

Mr Trump was already cruising comfortably but the withdrawal of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) from the race made it easier for him.

CruzI have never attempted to understand how the electoral system of the U.S. works – did not want to waste time on exercises that had no relevance for me. Still, I do not keep away from political commentaries without going into the nitty gritty part of Presidential battles.

Mr John Kasich is hardly in the reckoning and I think he must have been the one to drop out!

China, Russia: In his post-Indiana defeat speech, Cruz brought up key messages –

  1. that under outgoing President Barack Obama a resurgent Russia has become a big threat and
  2. that China was allowed unfettered growth at the expense of US interests.

Expansionist China, known for stealing intellectual property, is indeed a menace for the region and the world.

What Mr Cruz did not mention was that Mr Obama, with his Islamic link, went soft on terror. Killing Osama only strengthened America’s bond with Pakistan, a global sponsor of terrorism.

trump-modi-use_021116051309Modi vs Trump: I think Mr Trump deserves a chance to have a go at the U.S. Presidency. He has built up his support base well.

He may not bring about any dramatic changes in the functioning of the U.S. Administration. Just like an increasingly fanatical Indian electorate voted the BJP’s Narendra Modi, the man behind the Gujarat mayhem, to power two years ago.

The Indian voters expected majoritarianism and development from Prime Minister Modi. What the nation got instead was the “Congress Plus the Cow”, as former BJP leader Arun Shourie described the government led by Mr Modi.

There is no hint of the promised development, just a lot of sloganeering.

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G Joslin Vethakumar


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