A Birthday Full of Surprises!

This birthday (May 26) was full of surprises for me. Greetings poured in from my Facebook friends as well as from colleagues worldwide through the office mails.

I had not seen any such thing in any of my earlier stints – neither at Cisco nor at BT!

Bible newThe Bible from my Daughters: My daughters have never seen me reading The Bible. So they gifted me one and summoned me to read it every day!

What they did not realise was that I had completed reading The Bible before I got married. There is no connection between the two, though!

“You can start reading it again,” they argued.

They also bought me a lovely T-shirt that I wore to work yesterday.

Bible new 2One of my colleagues in Europe sent me a note with a picture that read: Not Older, Just Better!

Happy Birthmonth: Another colleague, from the U.S., wished me “happy birthmonth” as she did not want the celebration to stop in a day! That I thought could be prolonging the embarrassment!

“I love long celebrations,” she said. It will be fun to those born at the start of the month. As mine falls towards the end of the month, so not

Given that my birthday falls during the last week of the month, I don’t get to savour it for too long!

Not just older

Thank you all for the warm wishes!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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