Left gets it Right with Marketing Pitch, Forsaking Grammar!

But Couldn’t the Newspapers have Corrected it?

Indians only Love Drama and Hype, NOT Substance!

Forget the full-page colour ads from the communists in India’s national newspapers at costs they will have dismissed as extravagant in the past!

With their intellectual and principled positions taking them nowhere, the Left cannot be blamed for taking the plunge into the world of political marketing and drama!

Forget also the fact that the advertising splurge came even before they formally assumed power in Kerala!

left-front-embed-65fdad7f-7ee9-4a6b-b36f-7fe10f42611aGrammatical Slips: The Left may have got the strategy right but failed to fix the grammatical slips before getting the ad to print. That it appeared on page 1 only accentuated the glaring error.

They missed the “ing” participle not once but twice within the same ad.

  1. Committed to turn (instead of “turning”) Kerala into truly God’s Own Country
  2. Committed to keep (instead of “keeping”) its promises

Newspapers Must Fix Errors: I think newspapers must help advertisers with getting the grammar right. To me, they cannot disown responsibility merely because it is an advertisement. They can do it at least for such large ads!

The social media had a field day with humorous comments. “Once upon a time the Left had no money. But at least they had grammar,” said one!

It is not just grammar that was sacrificed but the atheistic principles that the Left typically tends to uphold. The reference to God’s Own Country brought that into question as this piece highlighted.

And the ads also put the focus on an individual, something only the Modis and Jayalalithas do!

So what if these signal change, their principles did not take them anywhere anyway!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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