Focus on Smart Cities Boosts Govt Profile for Tech Firms

The public sector everywhere is key for businesses. It is no secret that Governments worldwide spend big on infrastructure irrespective of which way the economy is headed – up or down.

With every country in every part of the world now building smart cities, the public sector is integral to the future of business. Without a stake in government projects technology players will struggle.

So it is no surprise that Cisco expects government projects to drive the company’s future in India, per a report in yesterday’s edition of The Hindu

2010 Commonwealth Games: It reminded me of my Cisco days when we won many public sector bids. The Commonwealth Games 2010 infra bid was one.

The Games itself was a disaster with corrupt Suresh Kalmadi and Sheila Dikshit bringing international shame to the country.

Corrupt and Dumb: Kalmadi was not only corrupt to the core but also a complete idiot. In his broken English, he thanked Princess Diana for being at the event. She must have been squirming in her grave!

Unfortunately, Kalmadi, Sheila and all the corrupt are still enjoying a cosy life. The Games were a huge embarrassment for India, but the Cisco gear stood strong as a bright spot.

Public sector bids are always complex and it was not easy managing it end to end. Going beyond, I created the proposal almost entirely on my own, including writing a fully Games-focused Executive Summary without any reliance on boilerplate. I remain proud of being a key contributor to the win.

Winning Against Cisco: Generally, the group I represented helped drive good wins with a methodical approach and through value selling. I thoroughly enjoyed steering our group across the APAC region, including in India, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

I still cherish those good Cisco memories. I am amid a similar environment at Genesys now, culturally and in terms of work ethic. It makes me just as proud that I am involved in bids where we win against Cisco!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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