GAME for Fun and Games Plus Value Selling?

Sales enablement need not always be serious business.

When it comes to sales enablement it is clear what takes precedence. The credo, worn-out but still relevant, is: “Work hard, party hard.” To me, though, only the first part of the precept holds good, whether or not I am held presumptuous!

I am no fossil, yet, as I participate without really participating! No to hard drinks and tittle-tattle but yes to engaging talk, whether it revolves around business engagements or individual, personal interests!

Quality Time: Riddles aside, the last two days of the work-week beginning May 30 saw us go through intense sales enablement sessions, led by a team from North America. For me, it was quality time spent with my manager and the Sales Operations team.

SuperTree Indo-Chine Restaurant at Gardens by the Bay!34. SuperTree dinner

On Thursday evening we (five of us) visited the iconic Gardens by the Bay, which to me is a not-to-be-missed landmark in Singapore with lovely waterfront conservatories – the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

Nature Park Amid Architectural Marvel: It is an easy, but spectacular, attraction to visit as it is right in the heart of Singapore – a nature park nestling amid a breathtaking skyline dotted by high-rise structures representing architectural splendour.

The Merlion Park is another, which is in their midst as well, not far from the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay!

We wound up Day 1 with dinner at the SuperTree Indo-Chine restaurant. This was my second time dining there. You can expect to pay an average of S$80 per head at the SuperTree for a simple dinner with an exotic setting and ambience to remember.

Don’t forget to go to the roof top bar for a glittering view of the skyline.

Clarke Quay Fun

25. Brewekz at Clarke QuayForgettable, Lingering!: Sentosa can be out of the agenda but NOT Clarke Quay! It is where we (15 of us) went to after the sessions on Friday. Forgettable experiences at times make them linger in mind. So it was with the visit to Clarke Quay from the Furama City Centre.

I took the team from North America on the opposite direction before turning back and landing at Brewerkz without much loss of time but with an extra 500-metre walk!

But riverside dining and fun interactions more than compensated for it!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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