Thought Processes Vs Operational Processes

One Complements the Other! Just as Imagination and Logic!

I am not a process-obsessed person. Any operational labyrinth is hardly something we can be excited about. Amaze customers without getting enmeshed in a maze!

I am not a no-process professional either. As with any area of human activity, we need to strike a balance in pursuit strategies too.

Do not overwhelm sales teams with an operational overkill. At the same time, they must be encouraged to follow the right strategies that are documented and discussed threadbare.


Get it out of your mind: It is easy to think that thought processes are what that lead to deals being clinched while operational processes only scuttle that.

How far will thought processes take you if they remain embedded only in your mind and can be erased without allowing room for any brainstorming?

Lateral thinking and a 360-degree analysis of an opportunity are critical activities that can be supported by compliance with meaningful internal operational and sales processes.

Being methodical, following best practices, does not mean imagination is thrown out the door. Imagination and logic stay as important as always.

Just because internal sales processes are never taken kindly to by customer-facing teams we cannot ignore them and stick to status quo.


Process-reduction exercise: In one of my earlier jobs, even a process-reduction exercise was initiated to placate sales personnel who considered the processes as needless steps that inhibit the closing of deals.

That nonetheless was a necessary exercise as there was no moderation in what was in place, even amounting to harassment of sales personnel.

Beyond Governance: Typically, the processes in question go beyond governance that is generally aimed at protection of the corporate brand and in ensuring we are not wasting time on opportunities we ought not to be pursuing.

But turning your back on steps designed to enable a structured, scientific approach to winning can impair your success strategy and affect the corporate bottomline.

Get your win themes as well as your competitive, pricing and partner strategies clearly documented. Keep them under one umbrella with easy access for stakeholders and facilitate thorough discussions for a unified attack strategy.

These are sales-enablement exercises that can be ignored only at your own peril.

Beyond Governance

G Joslin Vethakumar


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