Why The Straits Times journalists Miss Big Scams in India?

The last two days saw The Straits Times report on frauds in Indian Hospitals.

One involved the mighty Apollo Hospital which stands exposed for its role in massive organ racket.

It happened in Delhi, right under the nose of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, now on a global marketing trip.

It was from Delhi, too, that economic offender Vijay Mallya was allowed to flee to the safe arms of London.

The other hospital is said to have been caught in a sale of new-born babies.

Both were agency reports though The Straits Times has a full-time correspondent in India.

Most Indian journalists have perfected the art of jingoistic reporting, more so under the current regime.

Heads Under the Sand: Reports singing the glory of India from its own correspondents are not rare. But when events that show India in bad light surface they bury their heads under the sand. Agency reports then come as a saviour for The Straits Times.

Now that the global media, including CNN and the BBC, have picked up the scandals, we can hope to see a delayed rehash of reports in The Straits Times in what it can claim to be an “exclusive”.

It is a fun job to be a foreign journalist of an international newspaper rather than be a part of a local publication and come under daily pressure!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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