Messi Magic Leaves Panama in a Mess

This morning I got to watch live Lionel Messi’s hat-trick against Panama, thanks to the SingTel Euro 2016 subscription that came with Copa America Centenario telecast.

That was a welcome surprise. Messi came in as a substitute only in the second half and what a spectacular entry it turned out to be – scoring three brilliant goals in less than 20 minutes and taking Argentina to the quarter finals!


I was not really aware that Copa America was included in the package. I hope it stays that way as it is moving to the stirring knock-out phase. I am not sure, though, to what extent I will be able to take advantage of that, given the time zone challenge.

The France-Romania Euro 2016 opener was less exciting but Dimitri Payet’s brilliant 87th-minute goal from a distance of 25 metres more than made up for it, giving the hosts a winning start.

I didn’t think he will score as he was about to be tackled. But with no one to pass the ball to he came up with a thunderous strike that found the net. I watched only the replay today.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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