Will Microsoft and Gates Now Trim Charity Funding?

When I think of Microsoft what comes to mind instantly is the commitment of its founder, Mr Bill Gates, to philanthropy. The work he does with his wife Belinda through the Gates Foundation is simply phenomenal with  no parallel. They are indeed “impatient optimists working to reduce inequity.”

Beyond the Foundation, Microsoft itself started a charity organisation in December last year. Called Microsoft Philanthropies, its aim is to use technology to help and fight such barriers as poverty, a lack of education and disabilities.

1B5790255-tdy-130130-billmelindagates-1-930a_today-inline-largeMy Microsoft Magazine Stint: Microsoft Magazine marked my last stop as a journalistic writer after which I branched out to bid management within the world of information technology. Mr Gates has always been focused on philanthropy. 

I have had no reason to doubt the genuineness of the hefty donations for charity he and the company have been making consistently.

But Microsoft’s US$26.2-billion deal to buy LinkedIn has left me in some doubt. Will it end up being cash-strapped when the acquisition is formalised?

I am not going to talk about whether they are paying too much for LinkedIn. Many believe that LinkedIn will be a natural fit for Microsoft. The optimism stems from the view that it could bolster Microsoft’s push into the Cloud and the CRM space by helping it dip into LinkedIn’s professional network.

I am just wondering if that will mean Microsoft and Mr Gates may trim funding for charity.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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