Brexit Looms But Fans are Lovin’ it as England Scores Over the Welsh!

Fun Nights on SingTel TV with Euro 2016 and Copa America 2016!

I’m lovin it …and so do British fans even as Brexit looms with a vote set for June 23, keeping markets worldwide nervous!

I am not referring to the McDonald’s advertisements at Euro 2016. I am talking about the Euro 2016 and Copa America coverage on SingTel TV.

I just finished watching the England-Wales match, with a Sturridge goal in the dying moments clinching it for Rooney’s team. That did not, however, leave me convinced that he is a team player.

Gareth Bale, who plays alongside Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid in the Spanish League, gave Wales the lead in the first half. England were in control in the second half but when it looked like the match was heading for a draw, Sturridge scored in injury time to deny the Welsh a point.

England and Russia were facing disqualification after their first-round draw led to serious clashes among fans in France. So the result today must have warmed the hearts of British soccer fans. Brexit? Who cares?

G Joslin Vethakumar


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