The Fall and Fall of Indian Broadcast Journalism!

Times Now is Just a News Channel Version of Social Media Ranting

No news channel in India appears to follow the journalistic tradition of objective, prejudice-free coverage.

But none can beat Times Now when it comes to reckless screaming, complete lack of objectivity and open abuse of journalistic ethics. It is all too evident in its slanted pro-BJP coverage in a manner that can embarrass even the Government.

Its Editor-in-Chief, Arnab Goswami, has single-handedly ensured that Times Now faces no competitive threat on that score from any of the other channels.

At a debate last night on the exit of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, Dr Raghuram Rajan, the host (Arnab) first got the core issue wrong. He then questioned Dr Rajan’s behaviour in “leaking” the news of his exit even before tendering his “resignation”. Does he even understand what resignation means?

Where is the question of resignation when Dr Rajan is serving out his term? He has just decided not to seek another term. It is as simple as that.

Also, by releasing the news over the weekend, Dr Rajan prevented any knee-jerk market reaction. That was a wise move aimed at stopping any wild market swings! Dumb as he is, Arnab cannot be expected to comprehend market dynamics.

The fact is that Arnab got the basics wrong and called Dr Rajan all kinds of names – an intern, amateurish and what not!

He made a fool of himself and called one of the world’s most accomplished economists almost that!

Times Now is just a TV News Channel version of the social media where mindless vitriol is the norm.

I am unable to avoid the cliché, Whither Indian journalism!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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