Indian English to Tickle Your Funny Bone!

Despite 300+ years of British rule in India, the standard of English in the country remains pathetic because of its obsession with Hindi.

What else can one say when faced with a Himalayan howler such as the one you see in the photograph below at a major airport in India! And remember that is “by order.”

It was among the photos used by BBC for a report on the perils of auto-illustration it carried today –


But, wait, here’s a sentence that can tickle your funny bone even better: “Indian women eat their husbands before they eat themselves.” It is plucked out from a civil services exam paper.

What the candidate intended to convey was that women in the country allow their husbands to eat food ahead of themselves.

It is difficult to survive even in India’s capital city of Delhi without the ability to communicate in Hindi. That is based on my own visits to Delhi.

For more laughs, you can also check this hilarious piece out:



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