Brexit: No Expert Analysis in The Straits Times

The Straits Times today had several analytical articles on Brexit. A few of them made interesting reading but the one that hit the nail on the head is the piece titled “Political Paralysis Takes Hold in Britain.” I found that particularly relevant as that is what Brexit has landed Britain in.

IMG_5109Many of the pieces brought out the message that there has been a disconnect between ordinary people and the elite, including leaders.

There was, however, one writeup that left me confused, even amused – “Beware, More Brexits Ahead.”

“Lamentably, Shamelessly”, what Expressions!: To the writer, some of the demagogic voices out in the open are being “lamentably” heard in many parts of the world, “where politicians propelled by populism have raced past rivals from the established elites.”

Some of these voices, the piece goes on to say, were “shamelessly” economical with the truth”.


Superficial, Stale Reasoning: How judgmental! These are times when readers are independent minded with the intellect to draw their own conclusions. They do not expect the Editor-in-Chief of a top newspaper to sit on judgment with superficial, stale reasoning and say something like “It should prompt some soul-searching among the key players” and fill the piece with quotes. Certainly not appropriate 10 days after the referendum.

I found no evidence of thought leadership whatsoever, which is what is expected from the Chief Editor and not the “he said” brand of ordinary reporting.

Talent Shortage: Could it be because of the shortage of talent in the group that former Editor of The New Paper, Mr P N Balje, touched on in a recent writeup?

Moreover, the ideas were strikingly similar to a piece I read in Forbes online.

“Brexit is overwhelmingly analyzed as a British phenomenon, to be “understood” in narrowly British terms, even though, through the eyes of a Europeanist like me, it’s just one more event in a much broader story:  the transition from the bipolar Cold War world to something different, something that remains to be created and institutionalized.”

G Joslin Vethakumar


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