“Shiny Apples look like they are Straight from a Factory, Not a Tree”

This interesting quote is from a young Polish colleague during a brief chat yesterday. She brought it up to explain her distaste for genetically modified fruits and food. In her words, she stays clear of food that look way too appealing. Sane reasoning!

I have always found her an absorbing conversationalist with clear ideas, but only yesterday did I realize that she was a strict vegetarian. So strict that she does not even like mock meat!

Her question “why will vegetarians want to have food that looks and tastes like meat?” did seem pertinent to me.

Shiny apples

There are Chinese and Japanese vegetarian restaurants which dish out just that. “You will find mock prawns, mock fish and all types of mock items there,” another colleague interjected. He went on to say that chemicals have wound their way into vegetarian stuff. “No food, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, is safe,” he concluded.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in food items are common despite increasing awareness about their ill-effects.

I hope to become a complete vegetarian at some stage.

One consolation for vegetarians is that they can eat without any sense of guilt – of being a party to the killing of animals!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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