West Perverting the World?

Forget all the good emanating from the West, the seeds of evil sown by it are perverting the world.

From cultural debasement to breeding terror and infesting China with a fierce force that is making its neighbours cower, the West has done all it can to destroy the moral and social fabric of society.

So, American women will pose in the buff if they want to demonstrate their distaste for Donald Trump. The Presidential candidate must be laughing his butt off at the itch the women had to bitch out a naked protest, thanking them for the desirable attention he has garnered.

And a journalist, writing about the recent Nice savagery, will say France allowed its people to “radicalise themselves before they got Islamised.” What a pathetic excuse to defend terror! 

Assimilation cannot be just the responsibility of the hosts, those who have been accommodated must show a readiness to blend well with the locals and not impose their culture on them.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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