Munich Mall Massacre, the Price of Compassion?

Germany and Europe Have Learnt No Lesson from 1972 Olympics Massacre

Remember Black September and the massacre at the 1972 Munich Olympics?  It was when the sporting fraternity was left in deep shock after Palestinian terrorists took some Israeli athletes hostage, subjected them to torture and shot them dead — with a weightlifter even castrated.

Eleven Israeli athletes lost their lives after authorities rejected Black September’s demand for the release of terrorists in Israel and Germany.

Acts of savagery: Well, Germany does not appear to have learnt any lesson from that horrific Olympic killings. With the Rio Olympics less than a month away terrorists have struck twice in Germany this week. Yesterday’s attacks in a Munich mall has had ISIS in jubilation.Merkel

“Mama” Merkel with refugees

These acts of savagery tell me that the country and Europe as a whole are paying the price of love and compassion towards a sect that has blood in its hands. Price of Love? The Bee Gees hit single was about a different kind of love!

The generosity of the West in embracing refugees and Islamic immigrants is only being repaid with murder, rape and all kinds of crime.

Brexit was Right?: Europe has reached a point of no return and will remain terror-prone. Britain may have got it right with Brexit but even they, like the rest of Europe, have become terrorism breeding grounds. Their munificence thus has global ramifications.


Terrorism need not be confined to the so-called religion of peace. Other religions are waiting to take the path of terror. There have been instances of madness in India and I am not convinced that the kind of majoritarianism seen there will not snowball into an unmanageable menace.

An aside – I am attending a Genesys Team Summit in Washington DC next week. I was thinking of taking a break in Frankfurt on my way back. I, however, gave up that plan as I did not feel very excited about visiting Germany alone.

The decision may have saved me the hassle of going through tighter security as forces typically harass normal travellers while letting terrorists wreak havoc on their targets.

But then no country is safe now and anything can happen anywhere.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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