Business Travels that Deliver a Lasting Experience

Not all business travels yield a lasting sharing-and-learning outcome. Not so my recent visit to the U.S. to attend a Genesys Team Summit in Chantilly, VA, a cute little town very close to Washington DC. It was an exciting outing for around 15 of us from the U.S., Europe and APAC – I was the only one from my region!

I will have to give it to Genesys for the memorable, lingering experience we had as a team. It is unmistakably perceptible that enriching the work life of its staff comes naturally to Genesys, a global technology leader in its own right with a stamp of authority over Customer Experience innovations.

It has a glow and force that can match or exceed the much bigger companies I had served earlier – such as Cisco, BT and Bechtel. The letter two, though, are aberrations.

Genesys also shares a link with another of my earlier employers that went through rocky times despite being a pioneering inventor and the pride of the U.S. – Lucent Technologies / Bell Labs.

IMG_5228The telephone is the brainchild of Bell Labs which has so far produced seven Nobel Prize-winning scientists. I doubt if any other company can claim to having been home to researchers of such stature.

In 2006 Lucent became Alcatel-Lucent after a merger with the French giant. Genesys was a part of Alcatel-Lucent until it was sold to a private investor, Permira, in 2012.

My Third Visit to U.S. in a Year at Genesys

I have been visiting the U.S. fairly regularly during the last about two decades, except for a four-year blip when I was with BT (British Telecom) Global Services.

My first visit to the Land of Opportunity was in 1999 when I was in New York for a few days. It was a period that saw me live in beautiful Monterrey, Mexico, working on a HP project.

Customer Engagement and Business-Class Travels!

I find Genesys going the extra mile to keep staff meaningfully engaged, blending business and experience in a cool and fun way. A company that delivers customer engagement solutions is sure on top of keeping its staff happy and getting value out of them!

Cost-cutting may have taken some of the charm of business travels away. Business-class travels have mostly become a thing of the past, though financial institutions continue to generally offer that to the staff as they thrive with the money parked with them by their customers. And what do their customers get in return – near zero interest!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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