Davids Slaying Goliaths at the Olympics Not Uncommon

Djokovic Makes a First-Round Exit in Rio

You can expect the unthinkable in any Olympics. Davids slaying Goliaths are not uncommon.

So, at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, Leander Paes landed an unexpected bronze and to think it could have been a Gold (or at least a silver) when he gave champion Andre Agassi a fright, frittering away two set points and subsequently the match!

Djokovic in tearsBut none will have anticipated Novak Djokovic to be tossed out of the Rio Olympics in Round 1. Or the Williams sisters losing at the same stage in women’s doubles.

Juan Martin del Potro may not exactly be a David, having been a top 10 player not too long ago, but he did pull off Rio’s biggest upset by leaving the world number 1 in tears.

Potro had defeated Djokovic in the bronze medal match at the London Olympics as well.

The loss, on a day when legendary swimmer Michael Phelps won his 19th Gold medal, meant Djokovic will have to wait at least for four more years for a Golden Slam, something that has eluded Roger Federer too.

Anything can happen at the Olympics with inspired athletes playing their hearts out for the countries they represent and reducing stature and rankings to nought.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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