A Dream Swim for Schooling in Rio

Schooling and PhelpsSchooling Qualifies for SF beating Phelps

Singapore’s Joseph Schooling outswam Phelps in the heats today to qualify for the semi-finals of the 100 metres butterfly event at the Rio Olympics.

Schooling had beaten Phelps in the finals of a recent competition in the U.S. So this is no flash in the pan and he is a potential threat to the best of the swimmers in the event.

Schooling, a student in the University of Texas, had also won the bronze in the World Championship last year.

Schooling the winner

But Phelps is the world record-holder in the event with a sub-50 seconds time. And this is the Olympics and Phelps will be at his best.


If Schooling can win at least a bronze in the finals that will be great. I am not ruling it out. If he strikes gold…all of Singapore will be ecstatic, justifiably so!

Another Singaporean, Quah Zheng Wen, also made it to the semis in the same event.

Congratulations, Schooling, for winning your heats this morning. And, well done, Quah! Here’s wishing you both the very best in the semis and finals!

G Joslin Vethakumar


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