One-Team Rio Relay on Empty Track

US Women’s 4×100 Team Back in Final after Baton Drop

US relay mess

Image from USA Today

I once had the opportunity to see a horse charge out of the starting gate and complete the race all by itself, with the jockey astride.

Fortunately, it did not run amuck or throw the jockey off its back, majestic strides were what I saw all the way! It perhaps just did not want other horses for company!


I have also seen athletes ending up crestfallen and in tears after fumbling with baton exchange in relays. 

One-of-a-Kind Race

But this one at the Rio Olympics yesterday is one of a kind. The 4×100 women’s relay team yesterday botched up the exchange in what appeared to be a shock exit for the reigning Olympic champions and world record holder.

Not letting the incident to rest as is, the team complained it was a Brazilian bump that led to the mess and was able to get a reprieve. Dramatically enough, the four sprinters were given a second chance and took to the track alone.

The solo effort went smooth and the U.S. ended up with a time that was better than the others who had already qualified. It was Brazil that ended up getting disqualified.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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