Neymar vs Messi vs Ronaldo

Interesting Fare in Rio, Surprise Champions

The Rio Olympics has seen some interesting champions, beyond Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt who predictably cornered individual glory.

For instance, while Brazil won gold for football yesterday, competitor Argentina ended up with early elimination in the sport but emerged Olympic champions in hockey for the first time, beating another surprise finalist, Belgium.

It was skipper Neymar’s goal from a penalty kick that gave hosts Brazil their first-ever Olympic gold, a very special one at home, in Rio.

brazil-olympics-germany-final-men-day-football_3aafe022-673c-11e6-98ff-20252d6fa197I think Argentina will do well to focus on hockey rather than on its national game of football where titles have been eluding it. 

But I doubt hockey will become the most popular sport in Argentina, Central America or Europe! There is neither fame nor money in hockey.

Commercial Reasons

Messi had messed up his penalty in the Copa America final this year and Argentina failed to win the title. He used that as an excuse to stay away from the Olympics for obviously commercial reasons! Argentina were eliminated early in Rio.

Neymar has emerged as a winner, while Messi remains a perennial loser – when representing his country!

Messi appears good only for the Spanish League where he scored two goals yesterday in Barcelona’s win over Real Betis.

But even there when his team is pitted against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid, he often manages to stay at the losing end!

Incidentally, Ronald helped Portugal the Euro 2016 cup in July.

G Joslin Vethakumar


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