S R Nathan, A “Humble, Dependable Leader”

Singapore lost its sixth President, S R Nathan (92), tonight.


He was a popular, non-controversial and respected President who remained active in public life till he was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital in July following a stroke.

Known for his humility and warmth, Mr Nathan held the Presidency for 12 years during 1999-2011 but chose to stay at his own modest house (pictured herein) and not at the Istana.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 at 22.32.15

Steady, Dependable Hand for a Tricky Task: Late Lee

Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Late Lee Kuan Yew had great respect for Mr Nathan. Here is what he had once said of Mr Nathan:

“Every time there was a tricky task which required a steady hand, someone dependable and who could get things done, his name would pop up. Many people believe that, as a government, we select people by their academic credentials. Yes we do, but only in part. We place much greater weight on character.”

Late Lee went on to call Mr Nathan a man for all seasons, a man who would never say “no” when called upon for a task.

Mr Nathan will be remembered for long. RIP

G Joslin Vethakumar


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