Tihar is where Robert Vadra will find good company 

Deal with him before he flees to London!

Put him in jail, seize all his assets before he pulls out a Vijay Mallya trick and flees to London, a safe haven for all such criminals!

I am talking about Robert Vadra, son-in-law of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, who heads India’s most corrupt party, the Congress. Priyanka Gandhi, daughter of Sonia and late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, is Robert Vadra’s partner in life and, possibly, in crime.

robert-4_082212085717Vadra was just a petty businessman, selling some arts and crafts, before he married Priyanka. Now he is a multi-billionaire, a status he is alleged to have gained by abusing the clout of the Gandhi family.

He looks like a thug, behaves like a Dawood Ibrahim, has the audacity to call India a banana republic and throws his weight around!

I am tired of listening to all debates on such scum. Deal with him once for all, so we don’t hear about him again!



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